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May Favorites

Eye Cream// Permanent Bracelet// Black and White Knit Dress

Another month, another favorites list! It's crazy to me that we are almost halfway through the year!!! I feel like I *just* made my 2023 Favorites list!

As always, if something makes this list, it is the best of the best! 

Basil Pesto// I have tried a lot of premade pestos and my favorite was Gotham Greens. I was always so frustrated because it's near impossible to find store-bought pesto that's actually made with olive oil and not seed oils. Gotham Greens was really delicious and made with olive oil. Then, I stumbled up on this jarred pesto (not refrigerated) and tried it on a whim at Whole Foods. It's incredible. It tastes like you just made a fresh batch from the basil in your backyard. It's so fresh and just perfect! I use it on sandwiches, pastas, etc. 

Liquid Blush// This blush is so easy to use. It's not heavily pigmented so you can use quite a bit without looking like a clown. It gives such a pretty, dewy glow- just like a natural flushed look. I love it. 

Sunglasses// These sunglasses are not something I would have picked for myself but I love them. Ray-ban has always has great quality but the quality on these are even better than what is typical. The lenses are the chromance line and wow they are amazing- so sharp! 

Collared Dress// This is so classic and comfortable. When I put it on, I feel put together. I know this is a dress I will have and wear for many years to come. 

Sneakers// I've always been a big Ultraboost fan until I tried these! They're similar in both looks and feel but the more I wore these the more I liked them and now I think I prefer them over the Ultraboost! These are what I wear to Orange Theory or for a walk. They are so supportive and comfortable! 

Topo Chico Tangerine// I'm soooooo into this right now. It's so light and fresh. If you have ever had the Trader Joe's blood orange seltzer, it's like that but this is even better. The bubbles are finer and the flavor tastes even fresher. 

Striped Shirt// I love this shirt! I've worn it non-stop lately. It pairs beautifully with white jeans, white linen, etc. It runs roomy but I got my true size small. It's done in a fabric that won't wrinkle so it is great for travel and the fabric is lightweight and has a cooling feel to it. 

Eye Cream// I can't remember if this has ever made one of my favorites lists over the years and if it hasn't, I'm so surprised because it's one of my favorite eye creams of all time. I think eye creams are unnecessary and that you can just use your moisturizer and gentle serums under your eyes. BUT... this eye cream really does make a difference and is worth the purchase. I've been using it for years and even when I try something different, I always come back to this. I was reminded to share this as I am just about to run out of a tub and need to order some more!

Permanent Bracelet// If you are local to Pittsburgh, I got my permanent bracelet done by Alini Jewelry. The two women that own it were in the Strip District with a table set up. My husband and I both got one and I just love them! I take all of my jewelry off to shower and sleep (except for one necklace) so it's fun to have this little bit of sparkle on at all times. I get really bothered by having things on while sleeping but I can't even feel the bracelet on my wrist. Someone messaged me saying that they got a permanent bracelet and it didn't last long because it is was so dainty and it ended up breaking and falling off. I definitely think this could happen because the bracelets are so delicate but so far, I've worked out, showered, slept, etc. and it's been perfect! 

Black and White Knit Dress// This is the BEST dress. I just ordered the red and might as well order the white because I wear it all of the time. It's so comfortable and flattering and cute. I could not recommend this more. Plus, when on sale, it's well under $50!!!! It has pockets and can be worn as an athletic dress or dressed up a bit for things like a lunch or errands! 

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Anonymous said...

How does the Abercrombie dress fit?

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

The abercrombie dress is true to size. I sized up for a more relaxed/roomy, but get your true size if you want the more polished look!

Anonymous said...

May I ask how much your bracelet cost?

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

I believe it was about $60ish! There were a bunch of permanent bracelet tables in the strip and that seemed to be the going rate for them! The price would differ depending on which one you selected but not by much!


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