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March Favorites

I truly can't believe I'm doing March favorites already... and over a week into April. This year is absolutely flying. Last month's favorites list was short and sweet, but this month's list is a little meatier. For those of you who may be new here, I round up my top favorite things each month. At the end of the year, I pull items from this list for a 'favorites' list for the year. If something makes this list, it's the best of the best with what I recommend! 

Sneakers// I just got a new pair of these as my older pair was getting worn out. I love these sneakers. They are so bouncy and well-cushioned. I have such a high arch and these support my foot so well for both walking and hiit workouts. 

Water bottle// I just got this waterbottle and I am loving it. I also got my husband one. We have the large Stanley tumblers and we love them and use them daily but I wanted something for travel. These are perfect and I love the straw aspect of this! 

Yellow Maxi Dress// This is truly one of the prettiest dresses I've seen in a long time, especially at the price point. Photos don't do it justice!!! 

Bucket Bag// This bag is stunning. It looks like a $2000 bag. It's so beautifully crafted and the quality is superb. It looks like a very special bag, too. It's a new-to-me brand and they so graciously sent me this bag!

Athletic Shorts// Ahtletic shorts are near impossible to get right. There are SO many options but for some reason, the fit is always off for me or they are much too short. These are comfortable, nicely made, the perfect length, and they fit. They're not tight but also not overly baggy. In Goldilock's terms, they are just right. Also a nice price at under $45. 

Orange Sandals// These sandals are just SO fun and I think the ladies of Palm Royale would approve. They come in a bunch of colors. I got the orange because I've been wanting a pop-of-color shoe but my mom got silver as a dressy option. They are SO comfortable which is what sealed the deal for us. 

Small Cosmetic Bag + Large Cosmetic Bag// I mean I had to include these!!! Technically they launched in April but I've had them in my hands for most of March. You can read all about the bags, here

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Laura Baker Busic said...

I've been in LOVE with those orange sandals since you first posted them, the heel is so fun! Trying to convince myself that I need them!!


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